Medieval Panorama with Castle


to the official website of "Project Königstein".

 Project Königstein is a video game in development. It will be a combination of strategy and third person genre and will be played mainly in medieval Europe. 

Find out the latest infos and plans for the game here!

What is "Project Königstein"?

The Concept

The game will be a combination of strategy and third-person genre and play mainly in medieval Europe.
Build and manage your own castle in strategy mode.
Do missions in the area around the castle in third person mode.

The Story

Experience three generations of a royal family.
Defend your land against the Vikings, build your own kingdom and march to Jerusalem in the first crusade.
Face wolves, bears, robbers and even more powerful enemies.

Strategy Mode

Find a good place to lay the foundation of your stronghold.
Build a lot of different building types to get resources, food and weapons. 
Start with a small amount of wooden buildings and complete missions to get new building opportunities.

Third Person Mode

Discover a open world and explore Roman ruins and old germanic settlements to get new building opportunities.
Do missions in the area around your castle to find new friends and get valuable goods to build new buildings.

Watch the newest Trailer:

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